"و بقول كلام موزون, القى الصدى يرجع كلام دايخ"

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Piano? Piannooo? Piaaaaaaaaano!

Dedicated to a piano loving girl!

Piano, an english word that means a loooooooooooooong repetetive white road, having lots of black subways n obstacles called "half tones"....

No exact starts, or even obvious ends.
When I fistly tried this road, I jumbed onto the first obstacle I met, "oh! what a polluted sound!"
Then again n again on all the obstacles, trying to battle them all, trying to push them lower n lower n lower.

Hey! u can try those white subways..
wow, didn't recognize those subways, or it might be that Phsycological charizma narrowing my eyes so they can't see but those black obstacle..

"This is called Do!" said my tutor.
Do? Do what? Do some music..
Repeat what u played..
what about Re-Do.. Redoing it again n again..
n I kept Redo-ing those notes created by Me ....

Suddenly I decided to have that foolish childish jumb I always do..

Re-Do- See..
Oh, see what I did u idiotic tutor.. I'm born to be an artist, can't u see, can't u do, or do I have to Re-Do it..

I did the same thing every single time I resorted to that looooooooooooooooong road..

but! Why those subways n those obstacles always have an end.. They never remain. They never echo. Do I have to walk the whole way again to sustain such a subway.
n for God's sake, is it sane to sustain a note (subway) with ur leg??!!!!!!!

I hated that tutor "I'll be hating u untill u find my a sustainable subway! I hate ending roads, n I hate those black obstacles filling my way.."
Time passing
Untill I saw that small tiny tender thing, they call it violin, n I call it
Viol- violence
In- inside me..

As an 8 years old boy, it was very weird to handle such small thing with such care. Even not knowing where it's subways are, r how on earth I was going to Re-Do without obstacles..
can life be that simple? I doubt..

When I suddenly bowed that long bow, on those 4 streched parallel roads, I was introduced to a La.. (always a subway, I mean a note..)

N.B. "La" is the italian word of "there"

hey everybody come n
See- Me- Re- Do- La.

See me redoing it there.. (or backthere)..

Wow, it's a complete city full of subways n looooooooooong roads but
never an obstacle
never ends...

I kept Doing n Redoing it untill I finally resorted to subways, not to words.
I couldn't get how those human creatures talk without notes, without melodies, w i t h o u t that beloved glance called music..

I'm proudly a Music Loving Guy..
n it's why I don't know how to spell words.. I always resorted to notes..

N.B. Word, is a latin expression that means "things always having 2 meanings"..

Finally I'm here trying to translate my notes to words that have only one meaning..

Only One Meaning..



  • At 2:35 AM, Blogger YouSy said…

    Gasser ..
    that was so nice :) finally you made it !!
    and it's so pure and honest ..and so YOU :)

    from a piano loving girl
    to a violin loving guy ..

    Keep lovnig Music ;)

  • At 12:33 AM, Blogger omnia said…

    4give me Gasser but i feel i'm lost while reading


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